9 Ways & Reasons

9 Ways & Reasons

Resource conservation is important to Planet Green Sleeves. Reusing and recycling items are also important aspects of the Go Green movement. Instead of simply throwing away things, consider recycling or upcycling as alternatives.

This product helps to keep the planet free from pollution each time it is used. You can have an impact on those around you by bringing awareness with your very own unique green sleeve. We could name more than 9 reasons for each of course but we’ll start here with these.




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Help Us Make A Difference




  • We contribute a portion of each sale to environmental charitable causes.
  • We do business with like-minded companies that practice sustainability.
  • We ship Planet Green Sleeves in recycled/recyclable material.
  • Instituting lean practices is at the forefront of Planet Green Sleeves daily operations. We aim to reduce costs, improve services to customers and deliver a superior product at a great value.
  • Establishing reciprocal relationships with Businesses and others across social media platforms to raise awareness towards sustainable practices.
  • Bringing this into the center of its marketplace, so it can serve humankind.
  • Evolving our approaches and strategies to expand into the global market.
  • Creation of a more conducive product for our future and the environment
  • Planet Green Sleeves product is recyclable.


  • When using Kathy Ireland ipay through checkout a portion of your proceeds goes to one of her 10 Millennium Development Goals.
  • When purchasing a green sleeve, Planet Green Sleeves also contributes a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization.
  • You will feel good knowing you’ve contributed to worthy causes.
  • You will feel good knowing you are taking another step towards practicing environmental sustainability.
  • You get to step outside your comfort zone and share with the world your unique personality and/or passion.
  • It’s better to buy 2 as you will have made twice the impact plus you can personalize it as a gift to show your affinity towards a loved one.
  • You are helping to reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the use of disposable corrugated cardboard sleeves that occupy our landfills.
  • It may implore others to want and use a Green Sleeve of their own.
  • You are now a part of a noble movement that Planet Green Sleeves was built on, to bring a greener product to the world.
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